New Business Opportunity: KLiC Diploma & MS-CIT Refresh Course

Dear Network Partners,
This is with reference to the new course launches from MKCL. MKCL is happy to launch two new courses for its ALCs.

KLiC Diploma

• A six months role based diploma course where the learners can build their own diploma according to industry roles.
• Prepares the learners for different industry roles from I.T., Finance, etc.

Course Fee ALC share MFO amount
12500 9900 2600


MS-CIT Refresh

A one month refresher course for those who have already completed MS-CIT course earlier.
• This course will help these learners to update their knowledge using latest MS-Office tools.

Course Fee ALC share MFO amount
1000 775 225

ALCs can submit their EOIs for these courses at following link in their ALC SOLAR login:

Channel Partner Network à View,Apply,Process/Activity/Project/Course à Submit EOI for Course/Project/Activity

Please note that there are now course subscription fees involved for both the mentioned courses.

Kindly communicate above details to all the ALCs under your jurisdiction.

Thanks and Regards,

Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd.


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