Do you wish to communicate your ideas & thoughts effectively in English, with your seniors, colleagues, teachers, friends and client…???

This course will help you to do it effectively…!!!

This program on Active Business Communication will help you transform yourself into a global professional and open up the opportunities for growth.

You know very well that the mantra for SUCCESS is self-confidence and our ability to communicate well with confidence.

Business Communication is communication for everyday transaction in your professional life. As the global language used is English, this course aims at building your Business Communication skills in English Language.

This course is designed to make English learning a very easy and enjoyable process. Also, it is designed with a practical application approach rather than a theoretical approach.

One more aspect of effective Business Communication is the Confidence ! Through this course we build your confidence and help you to overcome the fear and hesitation to speak. We also groom you for professional interaction by teaching you Corporate etiquette, basic office protocols etc.

To make the learning process easier, we have used audio and video, discussion, role play, free speech and online tools.

  • Course Name:
    Active Business Communication
  • Course Eligibility:

    Well versed with English alphabet and basic grammar rules (e.g. Sentences starts with capital, ends with full stop etc.)
    Understands simple written English
    Can communicate with simple short sentences though not fluently
  • Course Objective:

    Improve overall ability in basic Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing
  • Course Duration:
    120 hours (12 weeks; 5 days per week; 2 hours per day)
  • Batch Schedule:
    All course – batches commence every month
    Last date of fee payment – 15th of every month
    Batch timings as per the convenience of the Learner

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Come… Be a part of Parth’s ABC program and take your first step towards the success that awaits you. 

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