Tally is a comprehensive ERP software that goes far beyond the basic functionalities of finance and accounts. It encompasses every critical aspect of an organization, including payroll, inventory, manufacturing and banking to name a few. Tally is the perfect fit for every organization right from a promising new start up to a high-flying business giant.

Tally minimises the need for an organisation to manually keep track of every little detail, since it provides a common platform where different departments can maintain a constant update on their financial status. This in turn can be referred at any point of time to understand the financial, structural and organizational health of a company. Tally has become synonymous with accounting.. and accounting is nothing but maintaining different books of accounts.

Thus, Tally involves managing –
• Primary account books such as Cash book and Bank book
• Vouchers like payments and receipts
• Entries like journals, credit notes, debit notes, purchases, sales, etc.
• Registers such as purchase register, journal register, sales register
• Statement of accounts like profit & loss, trial balance, company balance sheet, cash out flow & inflow, stock statement, shareholders equity, working capital, etc.