Important Note:

  • MKCL will communicate to shortlisted Eligible AO to prepare a Center Setup.
  • Then Only Shortlisted Eligible Applicant Organization (AO) has to prepare the Center Setup with the following guidelines.

Center Layout

  • Counselling Area
  • Lecture Room
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Miscellaneous Areas and Facilities

Counselling Area-Computer Laboratory- Lecture Room

  • Area Size: Minimum 200 sq. feet
  • To maintain the educational environment, a dedicated space of minimum 200 sq. feet should be available for educational courses & related services. This dedicated space should not be used for any other purpose such as sales, storage, or any other business.

1. Counselling Area

  • Counselling Table and Chair arrangement
  • 1 Computer for showing offering demo (Optional)
  • Notice / Display Board
  • Enquiry Register

2. Lecture Room-Computer Laboratory

  • Proper Ventilation & required cooling arrangements (Fan, Cooler, etc.)
  • Adequate light arrangements
  • Suitable furniture for installing computers
  • Comfortable seating arrangements
    • Ergonomically designed chairs to enable learners to seat comfortably
    • Seating Stools are not allowed
  • Writing Board
  • Proper wiring of electric and network cables
  • Air conditioning facility (optional)
  • Cleanliness of Center

3. Miscellaneous Areas and Facilities

  • Clean Toilet
  • Drinking Water Facility
  • Staff Room (Optional)
  • Suggestion Box
  • Library (Optional)
  • Footwear Stand (Optional)
  • Parking (Optional)
  • Fire Extinguisher (Optional)
  • Asset Insurance (Optional)

4. Human Resources

  • ID Cards for Staff (Optional)
  • Uniform for Staff (Optional)